Italy MLB European Academy

July 31, 2008

Alright here we go…my very first blog entry.  First off I suppose I should welcome anyone who happens to be reading this and thank you for coming to the site. And a big thank you to Cameron and Graham for making this whole thing a reality. Just arrived in Italy about 4 hours ago and am super sleepy.  I’m fighting to stay awake until it gets dark here so I can get on the Italian schedule.  The next month or so will be filled with blogs from the European baseball academy that Major League Baseball puts on.  Basically MLB scouts Europe and takes the 50-60 best ballplayers from all the countries and puts them in the Italian olympic training facility outside of Pisa for the month of August. There are about 7 catchers out of this group of prospects whom I will be responsible for. What does this mean?  To be honest, I don’t know yet.  I’m hopeful to help bring the first Fin or German or Italian catcher to the big leagues.  Stay tuned….and feel free to order a book in the meantime!  You can purchase now and I will be able to fill orders starting on the 20th of August.  Adios.