2010 Catching Playoff Preview

October 1, 2010

With only a few games left in the regular season, I suppose we can safely check out our catcher viewing options for the playoffs. We’ve got a few repeat offenders in Philly, the Twins, and the Yanks, and a few new ones too. Here are the teams and their catchers along with a bit of commentary…

Twins – Joe Mauer. You’ve gotta know how I feel about this guy already…in short, fantastic, technically sound, but entertainment wise (defensively), kinda like watching paint dry. He’ll smooth you to sleep.

Philly – Carlos Ruiz. You should probably already know how I feel about this guy too. One of my favs. Obviously not in the same planet as Mauer offensively, but defensively right there. Entertaining to watch and mechanically sound.

Giants – Buster Posey. The second coming I guess. I really haven’t seen him enough to give an accurate judgement; however, here’s what I’ve seen so far. Offensively a terror, defensively new to the position and a work in progress…if someone out there knows him, give him my number and I’ll help him get right. Can’t wait to watch him more.

Cincinnati – R Hernandez/Ryan Hanigan. I’ve seen and played against Ramon quiet a bit and I like him. Not exactly my style, but I like his offense and his defense isn’t horrible. I haven’t seen Hanigan at all.

Texas – Bengi Molina. I love him because he’s slower than me. Seriously, I love the way this guy goes about his business. We might also get to see local So Cal product Matt Treanor.

Tampa Bay – J Jaso/D Navarro/K Shoppach. I’m sure all of these guys are good catchers. One of them might be defensively fantastic, I just haven’t seen enough to make a call. But, if nothing else, this trio should be an encouraging sign for the catching youth of the world…if this is the crew one of the best baseball teams on the planet is featuring, anyone has got a chance.

Yanks – Posada/Cervelli. Posada is Posada. He’s gonna clank a few balls, but he’s gonna get it done. I appreciate Francisco’s enthusiasm and how hard he plays, but what can I say…he bugs me.

San Diego? – N Hundley/Yorvit Torrealba. See my comments on Tampa Bay.

Hotlanta? – Brian McCann. Obviously offensively dangerous. This is going to sound weird ┬ábecause I’ve seen this guy catch at least a dozen times, but I don’t have a clue how good or bad this guy is defensively. I’ve gotta pay attention.

Brian McCann.

Francisco Cervelli.

Nick Hundley.

Ramon Hernandez.

John Jaso.

Bengie Molina.

3 Responses to “2010 Catching Playoff Preview”

  1. Bill Jacobson says:

    Dear Mr. Mayne:
    First, let me thank you for the time and effort you put into helping young catchers improve their play. My son has been behind the plate since he was 6, and has never minded the lumps that come having an important role to play on his teams. It’s not easy to find solid instruction on the fine points of the position, and I’m glad he can learn from your work and experience. At 14 years, and 6′2″, he might outgrow the position in the eyes of more traditionally-minded managers, but every pitcher he’s caught throws with more confidence knowing that not much gets by him and that he can get his share of baserunners.
    On another note, I hope you get the opportunity to watch Buster Posey’s work in the playoffs. Joe Mauer, as you’ve said, is incredibly smooth–to my mind he’s as graceful as Fred Astaire (or does that show my age too much?). But young Buster and his right arm cannon may already deserve to be compared among the best currently playing. But as you know, and teach, it’s the fine points that will make the difference. After all, it’s the fine points that make the game so very difficult and an endless fascination for fans like me.
    All the best,

  2. Joaquin says:

    Brent, i like the post…. and as a HUGE giants fan, i can tell you the Buster Posey have a freaking cannon. He blocks well, and is in control. I have a suggestion that many people many interested in…. how about sending you video and having you give instruction through the internet. anyways, thanks for everything….

  3. Christine Taylor says:

    Thanks for the article and great photo collection Brent. [I posted you on my Facebook page too!] ~C.

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