2nd (and last) off-day

August 25, 2008

We had an off day yesterday and I took advantage of it and blasted south a ways and then inland towards central Tuscany.  I ended up in this medieval hill town called Voltara.  Amazing place, similar to Disneyland only real.  Tight, winding, cobblestone streets, castles, etc.  Their specialty is alabaster and the craftsmen can do some beautiful stuff with that stone.  I spent the night there and then cut across to Sienna.  Another great town featuring the best town square that I’ve seen so far.  I didn’t see it, but I guess they pack the whole square with dirt and rope mattresses on the stone walls and have a no rules horse race a couple times a year.  There are nine parishes in Sienna and I guess they’re pretty competitive with one another.  Each of the nine horses represents a certain part of the city with the winner getting bragging rights.  Basically the jockeys hold on for dear life (no saddles, sweaty horses, etc.) and can pull or punch or do whatever they want to win.  They pack the square with people and I guess its a good time if you don’t mind not having any personal space for a few hours.  So the first couple of images are of Voltara (alabaster workshop and a church) and the last one is of some kind of parade in Sienna.  All for now.

4 Responses to “2nd (and last) off-day”

  1. Hill M says:

    I really like the guys in the tights and the funny shoes. keep on letting us know about your fabulous adventures.

  2. B rent says:

    nice work soldier. keep the field reports coming!


  3. Chris M says:

    Just figured out how to find your blog. Fine images of a beautiful place. Peace, Chris

  4. Royce the Cherokee says:

    Top pic is my favorite…so thats what Gepeto’s workshop looks like in real life!

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