Greetings and welcome to The Art of Catching. My name is Brent Mayne. I was a catcher in the major leagues for 15 seasons (1989-2004). Most of my career was spent in Kansas City but I also played with the New York Mets, A’s, Giants, Rockies, Diamondbacks, and finally the Dodgers.

Well, let’s begin at the beginning. I grew up in a baseball family in Southern California. My father, Mike Mayne, is a well respected and very successful college coach. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been around the baseball field, watching, playing, scrounging around under the bleachers, being the bat boy, etc. The game is in my blood.

I played second base at Costa Mesa High School, started catching for my father at Orange Coast College, moved on to Cal State Fullerton for a couple years, and signed professionally in 1989 with the Royals.

I played a season in AA Memphis and got called up at the end of that year. The rest is kind of a blur. To make a long story short, when the dust all settled, I ended up with a nice 15 year career in the big leagues. I currently rank 75th in the history of baseball with 1,143 games caught and my .993 fielding percentage is 4th all-time.

Catching is my deal. It’s my passion. I know it as well as anyone on earth and have the ability to articulate and pass on that knowledge. This is the main (but not only) purpose of the book, blog, podcasts, video, newsletter, and the rest of the website.

It always amazes me that for a game that has been pretty well dissected, there is little, if any information on catching. If you want to learn how to pitch or hit or play the infield, all it takes is a few clicks on the computer or a trip to the library to access an endless amount of quality information. What about the most important defensive position on the field? How about some instruction for the guy who is going to touch the ball just about every time it is thrown? There is simply nothing out there….until now.

Ultimately, I’d like you to refer to The Art of Catching website whenever you have a baseball question. If I don’t have an answer I’ll do my best to find it. I know and have access to the best the game has to offer and I’ll do my best to relay that information to you. Whether you’re a fan, player, or coach and whether your question is about catching, base running, hitting, or any other aspect of the game, this is where you can find it.

I really love the game of baseball and find it endlessly fascinating. It can teach you something new daily if you can be open and listen. Lessons that can be of benefit both on the field and off. I hope that you enjoy the site and that it might enhance your understanding and enjoyment of this great game.

Til next time, have fun, play hard, and keep your eye on the ball.