Art of Catching VIDEO !!!!!!!

October 30, 2009

OK forget about the World Series, this is some really big news. The first Art of Catching VIDEO is now out! And even better…it’s FREE!

This is the beginning of a whole video library of information which you can easily access to improve your game or enhance your knowledge as a coach or fan.

Like I said, this first one is on the house. If you like it and are interested in more, they’ll be available for a small charge on my website.

This is a perfect opportunity for you as a player to get a high quality, cheap (or free in this case) private lesson from me. Simply download the video onto your iPod or similar device and head out to the field.

To access this first video on “Athletic Posture” simply follow¬†this link to my YouTube site and you’ll quickly be on your way to more baseball enjoyment.

Excellent couple World Series games thus far. Pitching, pitching, pitching. You know what they say…good pitching trumps good hitting every day of the week. How about the performances of Cliff Lee, CC, Pedro, AJ, and Mariano? Something to behold.

Baseball truly is a game of “what have you done for me lately” isn’t it? How many more strikeouts can A-Rod absorb before the NY natives get restless and start booing? Poor Alex has about 100 strikeouts in the first couple games….what is that, a diamond encrusted golden sombrero he’s wearing?

And the umpiring fiasco continues. I really liked Charlie Manuel’s reply when asked if he thought the umpiring was any good. “You know, I’ve probably never thought the umpiring was good.” Spoken like a true big leaguer.

On the up-side, Joe Girardi showed some mercy (both for him and us) by pulling the plug on Nick Swisher. Man, I don’t know how much more of that act I could watch. It was painful. All I could envision was him walking through Grand Central Station getting heckled for the rest of his life. He was probably having that dream too.

How funny is that face Hideki Matsui makes when he comes into the duggout after scoring. It’s about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen…I love it.

Hideki Matsui mugging it up for the fellas.

Hideki Matsui mugging it up for the fellas.

5 Responses to “Art of Catching VIDEO !!!!!!!”

  1. Gerry says:


    I REALLY like your commentary on the playoffs and World Series. I check your blog every day after a game, as I find myself learning a lot I didn’t notice watching the actual game.

    You ever think about doing color commentary for MLB games? You’d be great.


  2. Brent Mayne says:

    Hey Ger,
    Yep, that might be a good gig at some point, I’m just not sure I want to travel like that at this juncture in my life (with family and stuff.) If I were up for that travel, I’d opt to still be a playing. It’s more fun and pays a lot better!
    Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

  3. Royce the Cherokee says:

    Superb info! You’re down with the 411 on the hinecatching. Question for the catch Dr. Why doe’s Jorge(atleast last night) have his left elbow down below his cup between his legs as he gives his target?

  4. Brent Mayne says:

    Good question. It’s kind of a weird situation and really hard to explain. I know what you’re getting at…that starting in this position may be getting him all tangled up with his knees right?.
    You’re right to a certain extent. But I’ve got to be honest, I can live with him starting there because he shifts so well with his lower body towards pitches (this clearing his knees out of the way.) If he would just stay in that elbow down position. But he doesn’t.

  5. Royce the Cherokee says:

    I think with his hand and elbow in that position it might even benefit him to go left knee down…that way he wouldn’t chicken wing to get over the knee on an unexpected pitch with action to his left as well as maybe eliminating the dreaded thumber…

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