Beltre to Sox, Holliday to Cards

January 6, 2010

Here are a couple of the biggest off-season deals so far. One I can understand and one I don’t get.

First off, the deal I like. Adrian Beltre to the Red Sox for one year at about $10 million. The best defensive third baseman in the game, a very solid clubhouse presence (especially as a Latin player…hard to put a price tag on that), and potentially a solid offensive player if he can regain that LA mojo (not sure about the steroid issue on that though).

THE third base glove...Adrian Beltre.

THE third base glove...Adrian Beltre.

Now the deal I don’t understand. Matt Holliday to the Cards for a billion dollars. Seriously, what kind of Jedi mind trick is Scott Boras playing on these poor GM’s? Will somebody tell me who was in the bidding war that jacked up the price on this guy? I’m pretty sure the Cards outbid the Cards by about 30 mill.

With this signing, two arguments go flying out the window. One, collusion. Two, medium market teams can’t afford the price tag of the big boys. The Cards get Holliday for about $16 million a year for 7 years! That’s a great effort by Boras in a down economy and with nobody else bidding. Say what you will about him, but that boy good at what he does.

So now I would assume Pujols is going to ask for more money than that when he becomes eligible in a couple years. And rightfully so as the best player in the game. Would the Cards rather have Holliday than Pujols? Can they possibly afford both? I’m going to have to check in with my man Buster Olney’s insider baseball blog for the scoop.

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  1. Minda Haas says:

    2 things:
    1) “I’m pretty sure the Cards outbid the Cards by about 30 mill. ”
    Well played, sir.

    2) They’re spreading out Holliday’s paychecks over the next 20 or so years. I’m guessing that’s in an attempt to also be able to pay Pujols, but that could still end up not working. Seven years for Holliday…man. That’s a lot of years, never mind the dollar amount.

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