Rich Amaral Interview done

March 12, 2009

The latest addition to the Art of Catching podcast series is an interview with Rich Amaral. Rich played 18 years of professional baseball, 10 of them in the Major Leagues. To put it another way, he persevered through 8 years of minor league ball until he finally made it to the top. Then, once he got there, he stuck for 10 years. Amazing. There can’t be but a handful of guys who have tenure in both the minor and major leagues.

Rich played for the Cubs, White Sox, Mariners, and Orioles and finished with a .276 career batting average. He was an excellent all around player but is best known for his extensive baserunning/stealing knowledge. In this interview Rich talks about his long road to the Big Leagues and shares some of the baserunning techniques that make him one of the premiere authorities on the subject.

Once again, to access this podcast just go to main page of the website and click the podcast tab. In addition to finding it there, it should be up on iTunes soon under the title The Art of Catching. Enjoy.