Cervelli and the Helmet

May 20, 2010

I sat down to write this blog all ready to tear into Yankee catcher Francisco Cervelli for wearing the biggest helmet since Rick Moranis’ Lord Dark Helmet in Spaceballs. Honestly, I thought, what in the heck could this guy be thinking. I just got done writing an Art of Catching Tip of the Week about the importance of wearing the uniform correctly. For cryin’ out loud, didn’t he get the memo? Didn’t he read it?

I mean, the guy’s finally getting a chance to play everyday for the Yankees, in the biggest theatre in baseball, and he’s rolling out looking like Gazoo from the Flintstones. Nobody can tell if he can play or not because everyone’s fixated on that enormous dome.

And then it occurred to me that he’s had a history with concussions. Could there be a connection? Sure enough, there is. Turns out Cervelli isn’t the sartorial misfit I thought he was. The guy is going for safety over looks. Hmm, interesting choice. Fernando Lamas (or Billy Crystal) probably wouldn’t agree with that choice…remember their quote, “it’s better to look good than to feel good.”

Personally I don’t know. Alienate every girl in New York by wearing an enormous helmet or risk another concussion (but look tight) with a normal helmet. I suppose I’d go with the later. Risk it all, but get all the chicks. What good is being a Yankee anyway if the girls think you look like a goof? Then again, maybe he’s married. If anyone’s interested in Cervelli’s take, here’s the article.

Cervelli's turbo lid.

The inside of "the dome"

Lord Dark Helmet

2 Responses to “Cervelli and the Helmet”

  1. Bryan says:

    Enjoy the blog, but I don’t know on this topic. David Wright wore the Great Gazoo helmet for a few games last year after coming back from a beaning and took no end of ribbing for it from his teammates — he went back to the regular helmet pretty quickly. This year, he’s continuing to wearing the “normal” helmet, but he’s clearly bailing on every pitch that’s remotely inside, to the point where opposing pitchers have quickly figured out The Book on him. He has already struck out 55 times in 40 games.

    I’m wondering, is it a bit like how some people feel about motorcycle helmets, in that the larger helmet might have given Wright an increased sense of security/invincibility, and perhaps the confidence that goes with it, at least regarding hitting. Perhaps it might be the same with Cervelli. (I know some would argue (though I’m not sure I agree) that motorcycle helmets give riders a false sense of security, and perhaps causes an increase in recklessness. Again, not sure I agree, and I’m also not sure that applies to hitting, especially Wright, but I digress).

  2. Rafael says:

    Dude, he’s not going out to meet chicks with that helmet. I actually liked some of your blogs but this was a bit pathetic I think. Sorry to be so harsh. But how can you blame a guy, a catcher at that, for keeping his head in the game, literally. You’ve taken your fair share of bumps & bruises, so i guess it’s the whole macho mentality. But if he is concussion prone, can you really blame him for that? You can tell Cervelli is not an American, because, unlike David Wright, who took that thing off as soon as he heard a girl laughing at him, he’s not worried about how he looks on the field, just worried about his game, as it should be. & that will bring in the chicks more than anything, well maybe anything except the long ball.

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