Gammons to MLB

December 13, 2009

This year’s baseball winter meetings were pretty much a yawn for me. Who knows, maybe something will come of them down the line, but for the time being – Boring with a capital B.

The most exciting thing about the meetings for me was the blockbuster free agent signing (trade?) of Peter Gammons from the ESPN network to the MLB network. Whether you like his style or not, this was a pretty big deal. Gammons is legit. I’m not sure who his sources are, but the guy delivers the goods most of the time. He’s got great historical knowledge of the game and some pretty interesting insights. He works hard, he’s kind of weird (in a good way), and he adds some depth and weight to the MLB network’s lineup.

The big signing of the winter meetings...Gammons to MLB network.

The big signing of the winter meetings...Gammons to MLB network for a player to be named later.

This for me is the equivalent of Manny going to the Dodgers. Gammons could take the network to the next level. One thing is for sure. ESPN’s baseball ship is taking on some serious water. In the last year or so, MLB network has pretty much blown ESPN out of the water. It seems Harold Reynolds is getting the last laugh.

Look for Steve Phillips to pop out of the hat and join the network pretty quickly too. You might even see Tiger do some color commentary soon. You’ll really know that the ESPN baseball ship has sunk if MLB lures Buster Olney over to their side.

It’s all good in the end. I’m sure ESPN will survive, and we (the baseball fans) will thrive no matter what.

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