Glove Drive?

August 25, 2010

Back from Italy. Good to be home, but not so happy about the jet lag. Anyway, the post about how to break in a glove got me thinking. Is anyone interested in starting a glove drive? Basically it’ll work like this…you dig through your garage and send me your old gloves and I’ll put them on the hands of kids in need. I’ve had a few inquiries from various leagues and organizations, some local (Compton, Santa Ana), and some from out of the country (Mexico, Nicaragua.)

I think this could work. It doesn’t have to be a huge event, I’m sure anything will help. If you’re interested please write a comment or just send your old gloves to:

The Art of Catching                                2701 Harbor Blvd. E-2, #203                         Costa Mesa, CA 92626

I know it’s not much, but in return I’ll send stickers and signed baseball cards to all those who participate. I’ll keep you posted on the glove count and where they go. Thank you.

Example of a kid with a cardboard glove.

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  1. Randy Tigert says:

    Hey Brent… count me in. They do the same thing down here for the South Mission Viejo Little League and they send them out of the country but I’ve still got a couple of other ones that I could donate. What about old cleats? Great cause…..

  2. Russ says:

    Im in but I dont have access to my old gloves, can I purchase some new and have them sent to you?

  3. Russ Connolly says:

    I dont have any old gloves but could I buy some new and send them?

  4. Joaquin says:

    Brent…. I am actually starting an organization to send gloves, balls, L screen, cleats. (anything i get my hands on) to Argentina…. you should contact… there are 1 or 2 minor leaguers right now from argentina. amazing considering there is no more than 3 batting cages in the whole country….

    I was gonna ask you, ways to remove pressure on knees. exercises?

    contact me if your at all interested.

  5. Brent Mayne says:

    Absolutely Russ. I’m sure the kids who receive them won’t mind new!

  6. Brent Mayne says:

    Thanks Randy.

  7. Brent Mayne says:

    Interesting Joaquin…can you send me some more info, website, etc? I may have to hand deliver this equipment and make it a goodwill / fly-fishing trip all in one!

  8. Joaquin says:

    Im still working on building a website, but right now i’m just contacting as many people to find anything I can, I lived in Argentina and played on a baseball club called Daom. The area where it is is very poor , and the idea is to get kids off the streets and drugs, and play baseball. so my plan is to fix things up in the space that we have there…. and whats needed is any clothes stuff or equipment. Here’s a link to the DAOM site, but the whole plan is not only for this club. the web-site is in Spanish but HEY you can practice. haha

    I also had that one question, which is about the kness, how to take care of them and take strain off of them. thanks for the response and i agree with the strasburg post.

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  10. Billy Ray says:

    Check out

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