Health/Garden Update

September 23, 2009

In case you haven’t been following the blog, let me quickly bring you up to speed.

On a whim, ripped out my front yard. Planted a garden. Garden worked. Mass food occurred. Money saved. Health improving. Neighbors happy.

Basically now we’re up to speed. Oh yeah, except how to relate this to baseball. We decided to connect it to baseball by saying that health/strength is important and to get to the highest levels, you need an edge. So, to make a long story short, you can either do steroids or plant a garden. Simple see?

So here is the latest development. It turns out that the front yard garden is turning out WAY more food than we or the neighborhood can eat. It’s amazing, the ground just keeps making veggies. Trust me, there’s only so many cucumbers you can eat before you lose it. Seriously. But, the problem is, if you throw one in the trash, you feel really guilty.

So I quickly went into solution mode. The solution? Juicer. Green Star twin-gear juicer to be exact. Now I take all the stuff we can’t eat or give away and throw it into the juicer and make a monkey fart. You recall that a “monkey fart” is what you call a drink with a little of everything in it. Like a slurpee with a little of every flavor.

It’s working great. Doesn’t taste all that great, but completely free of guilt. Plus now instead of living to 150, you’re probably gonna have to tack another 10-15 years on that number. So that means I’ll be surfing in the year 2169. Bitchin.

By the way, I should probably be getting some kind of kick back from Green Star Juicer people right? Will somebody please call somebody?

The juicer and the juice.

The juicer and the juice.

3 Responses to “Health/Garden Update”

  1. The Cupster says:

    I love you man but why don’t you just eat the stuff raw and get all the nutrients instead of juicing and losing that colon cleansing pulp?

  2. Brent Mayne says:

    I love you too Cupster. Here’s my thinking.

    In one of those jars, I’ve got about 8 carrots, a couple pieces of celery, a half a beet, a slice of ginger, a handful of spinach, a couple leaves of chard, some kale, and a little apple.

    Have you ever tried to sit down and eat 8 carrots at one sitting? Much less all the other stuff.

    So basically you’re getting all the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) of all that produce without having to consume it in bulk. Which is extremely relevant today because they say that a carrot (or any other veggie) has about one third the nutrients in it that it had in the 1960’s! Shocking. A testament to the toll pesticides take on the soil and a good excuse to buy organic.

    That being said, juicing isn’t a substitute for eating your veggies (and like you said, the benefits of the fiber). It’s just a supplement to a healthy diet, much like a vitamin, but maybe better and definitely cheaper if you’ve got excess produce laying around.

    Plus for me with the garden and so much food going uneaten, I don’t have to feel bad and throw it away. I just convert it to juice.

  3. The Cupster says:

    That’s why you are “The Mayne”!

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