Hondo III

January 23, 2009

If you’ve been following the blogs, you know that Frank Howard is one of my favorite baseball characters of all time. I think this is the third time he’s popped up here. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here’s another installment of “The Frank Howard Tales”.

I heard this story from one of his teammates back in the day. I wish I could remember the name of the person who told me this tale, but it slips my mind. Anyway, it goes like this. I guess there was a game where Hondo struck out 4 times in a row and in the ninth inning, he got taken out of the game for defensive reasons. I guess Frank was so dejected that he went straight up to the showers, turned them all on as hot as they could go, and just sat in the steam and water for a while. By the time the game finished, Frank had turned all the showers off and left the stadium to go home (or the bar). And here’s where the story gets kinda funny. I guess when the guys undressed and got into the shower to clean up after the game, nobody could turn the showers on. It seems Frank with his super Of Mice and Men strength had turned the handles off so tightly that the whole team went home dirty that night.

Another classic Hondo story…the legend continues. Oh yeah, I found these photos of Frank and Herman Munster. Were they separated at birth? In all seriousness, I heard somewhere that the creators of this particular Munster episode had Frank in mind when they wrote the script. Can anyone confirm that rumor?

5 Responses to “Hondo III”

  1. Royce the Cherokee says:

    Our whole team one afternoon in A ball was late getting on the bus to the park because everyone was in their room watching this episode on TBS; even the manager (Mark DeJohn) was late! Hondo may have been bigger than Herman!?

  2. mike says:

    If you watch the Game Show network or live somewhere where old game shows still find their way onto broadcast TV, you may catch a glimpse of big Frank Howard on “Name That Tune.” The show debuted in 1974 and ran for seven years. Howard’s wife was a contestant, and if you see the episode, you’ll notice Howard in the front row, calmly encouraging his better half.

  3. JackinBoise says:

    Brent: I had a conversation with the Head Coach for Bishop Kelly HS in Boise. They won State in 4A last year. He , too, stated and confirmed the need for catchers in the upper leagues. I passed along your name, your web site and the book. I let him know a little about the blogs and the pod cast and gave him a short testimonial for what you were trying to accomplish. Hope you get a new reader and customer. Keep up the good work.

  4. Brent Mayne says:

    Thanks Jack for the referral and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that Name That Tune episode Mike.

  5. Royce the Cherokee says:

    Mike I can name that tune in 3 notes…what a great show ,I saw an SNL one night that did a skit on Name That Tune, it was awesome! Brent the word is getting out little by little in my area about your book; it’s the best kept secret in baseball right now. Saw a high school catcher the other day trying to convince his coach to let him catch in his ” COMFORT STANCE ” with one knee down! Doe’s this have the makings of Terrance Mann’s, The Boat Rocker (haha) ala James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams?!

    Brent, all kidding aside The Art of Catching IS really well done!
    Great stuff!

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