John Lindsey and Other Notable September Call-Ups

September 14, 2010

I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t been watching a ton of baseball lately…especially my local Dodger and Angel teams. Following clubs having off years – just waiting to be put out of their misery – isn’t my idea of fun. I’ve experience enough of those circumstances first hand.

So, when I picked up the paper this morning I was surprised to see a guy by the name of John Lindsey on the front page. It’s September call up time and it turns out, this guy is getting his first taste of the big leagues after spending 16 years in the minors. I repeat, 16 years.

I’ve heard of some pretty awesome things, but this is one of the awesomest. I’m pretty sure we can safely assume this Lindsey guy loves baseball. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t getting rich in Albuquerque or any of the other towns he played in for the last decade and a half.

Turns out, Lindsey led the PCL in hitting this season at the age of 33. As his father was quoted as saying, “Follow your dream, never give up. If you believe in and have a passion or a love for something, don’t quit. Play until they take the uniform off.”

John Lindsey, 1,571 games and 5,589 minor league at-bats before being summoned to the show.

And here’s even better news for all of those catchers out there. Here’s three more September call ups, all whom are catchers and all whom have persevered. I’ve said it a million times before as it relates to catching. There just aren’t enough good catchers to go around. If you just hang in there and learn the craft, chances are you’re going to get a pop. Here’s living proof…a heartfelt congratulations to all of these guys. May you all stick long enough to max out your pensions!

Max St. Pierre, 14 seasons and 978 minor league games before getting the call.

J.C. Boscan, 14 seasons and 976 minor league games before joining the Major Leagues.

Brian Esposito, 11 seasons, 669 minor league games with 6 teams before making it up.

For those interested, here is a link to the full length L.A. Times article about all of these players.

4 Responses to “John Lindsey and Other Notable September Call-Ups”

  1. lewis says:

    Yeah, you got to love these stories of perseverence finally getting a call up. I wonder Brent, there must have been some guys you wished got the call late in a season even though they didn’t fit the ‘prospect’ label due to age, or what ever skill set etc… but they just kept plugging away. Sometimes it even seems like some guys, do well and just have bad timing with who is ahead of them or it is even hard to say why they don’t get called up. I guess I’m just rambling, but great story.

  2. Gerry says:

    Great story, Brent. Baseball fans everywhere appreciate guys like these who never give up on pursuing their dreams. Take Tiger catcher call-up Max St-Pierre. In his first major league at bat, he got a standing-O as he walked up to the batters box. Got ANOTHER one when he got his first major league hit. But this all occured in Kansas City, not Detroit. Class town, I’d say. Class guy too, an inspiration for us all.

  3. Royce the Cherokee says:

    On your Art of Catching T- shirts; do you have any XXXXL’s ?

  4. Brent Mayne says:

    Royce, XL is the limit brother…you a big man. Maybe I could send you two XL’s and you could sew em together.

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