Little Guy wins MVP

November 19, 2008

First off, I want to apologize for going AWOL and not posting for the last few days. It’s not that I haven’t been working. Well, to be completely honest, I haven’t been working that hard (the surf has been pretty good and the golf course has been calling). But I have been doing some Art of Catching related work and I think you’ll be pretty pleased when it’s done. I’ve been concentrating on podcasting and am just about ready to pop one out for you. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a podcast will basically be an audio version of this blog that you can access (for free) through my website and itunes. You can either download it onto your ipod or mp3 player or just listen through your computer. There are tons of different directions I want to take these things…I’m thinking about doing a series dealing with the professional game – interviews with agents, broadcasters, clubhouse/equipment guys, traveling secretaries, players, and maybe a girlfriend or wife or mistress thrown in there. The Pro Series will hopefully give you a fun and different perspective of the baseball traveling circus and all of it’s moving parts. The series that I’m currently working on is called the Coaching Series. Basically, I’m getting on record as many great baseball (and non baseball) coaches and managers as I possibly can. The first one will be with my father, Mike Mayne, and I’ll follow with interviews from such coaching greats as Wally Kincaid (hopefully), Dennis Rogers, Dave Demerest, and George Horton, to just name a few. I’m on the trail of Mike Scioscia, and will see a number of pro guys come spring training time. I’m heading out to the big winter meetings in Vegas the beginning of next month so I’m hoping to capture some good interviews there too. Basically what I’m trying to do is build a library of baseball related information and wisdom for aspiring coaches, players, or just interested fans to access. Hang with me, I promise it will be good (I think, I hope).

So that’s that. Now let’s talk about the little guy Dustin Pedroia. Are you kidding me with this? One year removed from the Rookie of the Year award and a World Series ring, the guy wins the AL MVP hands down. Nice trophy case for a guy who probably doesn’t measure up to the 5′8″ claim in the media guide. Short people throughout the world rejoice! Randy Newman eat your heart out! Now here’s a star that everyone can relate to…didn’t he just box my groceries at Trader Joe’s? Maybe that was someone else. Geez, I could have sworn that was him. Whats the difference between this kid and the kid playing at the local junior college? Not a whole lot physically…matter of fact, there’s probably a lot of JC kids with better physical tools. Pedroia definitely gets the edge upstairs – the guy knows how to play the game, has a huge heart, and is mentally as tough as nails.

“I remember when I was growing up and I wasn’t the biggest guy in the world, all the guys I looked up to were big,” Pedroia said. “I looked up to Barry Bonds and (former San Francisco Giants first baseman) Will Clark. There was never that smaller guy I could compare myself to or try to be. If I’m doing that for one kid, that’s amazing.”

I can definitely relate to him for a number of reasons, but this quote pretty much sums it up…

“I’m not the biggest guy in the world. I don’t have that many tools,” Pedroia said on a conference call from his home in Arizona. “If you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn’t think I’m a baseball player.”

Congratulations Dustin on the MVP, you deserve it. And thank you for playing the game hard and right…you’re a joy to watch.


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  1. sstoerck says:

    Pedroia is a stud, and appropriate that you called him “tough as nails,” ’cause he does bring Dykstra to mind (minus the juice). From what I hear, the biggest differerence between Pedroia and the guy bagging your groceries is that the guy at Trader Joe’s won’t say, “You want paper or @#!%$ plastic with that? Thanks for !@#$% comin’, see ya next @#!%$ time.”

    Can’t wait to hear your Dad on the podcast, many of my memories are of him doing a Pedroia impersonation when I couldn’t throw a strike :)

  2. Brent Mayne says:

    Thanks SS, I think you’ll like the interview of my Dad…this first podcast lays the foundation for who he is and where he’s coming from… deals mostly with his personal history and coaching lineage and some of the things that he thinks are most important in baseball. Future interviews with him will focus more on specifics like infield play, pitching, catching, etc.

  3. Sounds great Brent. Looking forward to the podcasts.

  4. Royce the Cherokee says:

    Back from the D.R. and it was off the chain. Got a chance to play stick ball with a group of girls at an orphanage in La Romanna; one 7 year old girl had better mechanics and more passion for the game than some of the high school players I’ve seen recently. Saw Robinson Cano play one night for Estrella in San Pedro de Marcoris. It looks like he’s made some adjustments in his stance (closed in a little from what used to be open) for the coming season. Jarrod Saltalamachia walked three times and hit two BOMBS for Escagido while 3rd base coach Frank Luareano looked on. Rico Carty and Jose Cano were among the who’s who in the stands as N.Y. Yanks hitting coach Kevin Long was in attendance obviously to check out Robinsons’ new approach.
    Kudos to Pedroia! This is a great step back/forward to some old school get after it baseball! Talk about passion for the game ;brings back memories of watching Chunking Badens play!
    Brent, sorry but the sea was calm on the south side of the island so no wave reports, the big redwood never made an appearance! Fresh fruit and veggies were off the chizain, beans and rice everyday like nobody’s bizniz! Had a chance for some golf at the Metro Club in Juan Dolio but opted out for stick ball at the orphanage;the right call definetly! Peace to all at Thanksgiving and Mayne man be careful eating all that tofu shaped bird!
    p.s. greatest blog on the planet!

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