May 3rd Seminar

April 23, 2009

For those in the Southern California area, I’ll be giving a catching seminar on May 3rd at a facility in Fountain Valley called Lifeletics.  It’ll be a few hours long and open to both parents, coaches, and players.  For more information, pricing, and times click here and scroll down to “Catching 101 with Brent Mayne” or call 714 843-1989. It will be limited to 50 folks, so hurry up if you’re interested! Hope to see you there.

2 Responses to “May 3rd Seminar”

  1. Jeff and Neil says:

    My son Neil and I went to the seminar at Lifelethics today. It was a fantastic session for Him and me, I think the information you provided (including the book) will serve him for years to come.

    One question I didnt get to ask you is what you thought of Mike Marshals’l pitching technique. Seems quite different and I havent heard any pros comment on it – do you have an opinion?

  2. Brent Mayne says:

    Hi Jeff & Neil,
    Glad you enjoyed the clinic. Good question about Marshall’s stuff. I don’t know enough about it to say one way or the other. I will say it looks off the wall (which isn’t a good reason to disregard it) and his approach (saying everyone is crazy if they don’t buy into his way) is a little strong and off putting to me.

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