February 17, 2009

I’m in Hawaii with family enjoying some R & R. Well, it’s not all relaxation. This place is heavy.┬áThis ain’t no Newport Beach…this here’s the Big Leagues of surfing. This is baseball’s equivalent of Yankee Stadium. These are waves of consequence.

Here’s a sequence of me pulling in to a big backdoor Pipeline pit, taken from my balcony. Just kidding, it’s not me…I’m the guy around the corner on the waves I don’t have to risk my life on. Click on the image to get a perspective of how big these things are….the little specks are people.

2 Responses to “Pipeline”


    Hope you are all having fun in Hawaii! Glad you didn’t kill yourself on those waves =) It has been horrible weather here! Not raining but cloudy and windy and gross! How is it there?! I bet amazing! Swim started yesterday and I am so glad to finally get back into shape…I love it! I hurt my wrist though pretty bad…sucks!

    Love you all

  2. Royce the Cherokee says:

    Big Redwood and wax and wish I was there! Well deserved for the Maynes, enjoy enjoy!

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