Stan the Man

June 15, 2009

I found this neat treasure in a box marked “baseball junk” deep in the garage. It’s a photo of myself and Stan “The Man” Musial. Mr. Musial was a childhood hero of mine. Hold up, maybe the hero word is a little strong. I’ll reserve that word for Ted Williams, George Brett, and Tom Curren. Regardless, he was one of the greatest ever I and admired his talent.

I was really into baseball history as a kid and Stan, with his crazy left handed batting stance and harmonica, was an intriguing character to me. Watch him play the 7th inning stretch on the harp.

When I finally met him, I was star struck. Like a ghost, he showed up unannounced right before a game in Colorado. I recognized him, grabbed a ball and asked for an autograph. He was cool and said he loved watching me catch.

Here’s the photo….you can’t tell how nervous I am….what a thrill.

After I found the picture in the garage, I started wandering around the internet looking for more information on Stan. I stumbled on this great site by a guy named Chris O’Leary¬†

Mr. O’Leary was kind enough to let me use this footage of Stan the Man. Check out this funky, whippy, powerful, hack. Geez Stan get on top or something! Love the back foot off the ground move. Does this remind anyone else of Ichiro?

Also of note. Check out the upright stance of the catcher and how low he drops his glove as the pitch is coming. Classic stuff…enjoy.

Video Clip of the Swing of Stan Musial

Stan Musial

2 Responses to “Stan the Man”

  1. Brent,

    I enjoyed reading your post on Stan the Man! The old footage was amazing. Also note how much Musial hit’s off his front foot. Crazy to think he could drive the ball like that.

    My grandfather played against and with Musial on the ‘43 NL All Star team. It’s funny you mention the upright stance on the catcher. As a former college/Independent league catcher, I can’t tell you how many times my grandpa would tell me I needed to lift up my “hind end” with runners on. Of course I would always prop up a bit with runners on, but he would try to explain I needed to get even higher. I could never understand what he was trying to explain. He liked to say Bill Dickey was the best at it. When I see old footage like this, I’ve noticed the catchers back then almost stood upright with runners on…and now I know what he was talking about.

  2. mike says:

    a picture of you with Stan Musial in the garage??! I would love to see the momentos/pictures you keep in your home!

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