The Futures Game is Over and….I’m Alive!

July 12, 2010

So here’s the report for the morning after catching the bullpen for the Futures game. And remember, this is literally the first time I’ve squatted down to catch in 6 years. I’M ALIVE! Turns out, it is kind of like riding a bike.

I caught like 8 guys (every pitcher went one inning) and aside from some fatigue, I still got it. These guys could BLOW too…consistent 95-98, movement, etc. No problemo. Apparently the Art of Catching techniques work for old men as well.

My thumb hung in there too. I did end up locating my old thumb cast; ¬†however, by the third pitch from the first pitcher, the thing had turned into dust. It was so old and brittle that it just disintegrated. I guess it would’ve been kinda like trying to cook with some ancient Indian pottery.

Once I got over having my thumb cast/security blanket crisis, things were cool. Except for one thing. I was a little embarrassed by my 1990 catching gear. I definitely looked a little goofy…but I guess I’m used to that.

Hopefully I didn’t jinx myself by talking like this. You know how superstitious ballplayers (and bullpen catchers) can be. I’ve still got the big show to do on Tuesday. Keep checking for more reports and hopefully some photographs to go along with.

4 Responses to “The Futures Game is Over and….I’m Alive!”

  1. Andy Goldberg says:

    Impressive Brent! What an awesome experience. Have a great time Tuesday.

  2. Stephenie Poindexter Farmer says:

    Congrats on still being alive! You will do great. Enjoy the experience!

  3. Bart C says:

    I sat above the bullpen with a couple of my kids last night, you looked soild back there. I hadn’t noticiced that the gear was outdated, but those all black spikes you were wearing were kinda funky. Are those umpire shoes?
    Have fun on Tuesday!

  4. Ryan Wilson says:

    Post some pictures Please
    How fun was cathching Price’s stuff?
    awesome Brent

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