The Perfect Aftermath of a Near Perfecto

June 4, 2010

Right on time. In yesterday’s post I threw in my two cents about the beauty of baseball with all it’s messy imperfection. I tried to make the point that baseball, like life, is very rarely a game of perfect and it’s better that way. I went on to say that too much instant replay reviewing will destroy this delicate fabric.

And then, BAM, it happened. One of the most touching acts of sportsmanship that you’ll ever see. If you watch this clip and don’t tear up or at least get chicken skin, you’ve got a heart of stone. Basically Armando Galarraga, the pitcher of yesterday’s near perfect game brought out the lineup card to a teary eyed Jim Joyce before the game.

Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga shake hands and exchange line up cards.

It was a flat out awesome sporting moment. It was a great life moment. And none of it would’ve happened should that play have been reviewed on the spot and made “perfect”. The humanity. The messiness. This is what I’m talking about. This is interesting. This is marketable. This is something you could have never scripted. This is far from right, but as near to perfect as you could ever want. This is why baseball is the greatest sport on the planet and this is why we should leave it alone.

And who knows, maybe Bud will step in and act like a commissioner and overturn the call. He could do it. It’s possible. Geez, isn’t this why we have a commish? Go ahead Bud, stick your neck out for once, do the right thing by Mr. Joyce, Mr. Galarraga, and complete this circle.

Either way, this has been a really fascinating event.

3 Responses to “The Perfect Aftermath of a Near Perfecto”

  1. Eric says:

    Wow that was amazing. That just shows with all the crap that is happening in the world that good things can still happen and there are still good people out there. I think we need this from time to time even if its because of an unfortunate event.

  2. Scott M. says:

    That was an incredible moment. I’m glad I got to see the tape. But it pales in comparison to the moment of celebration Galaragga earned but was unable to celebrate Wednesday night. It is inevitable that we’ll have access to replay to get these situations right — on the spot — in the future, and I wish it had been gotten right that night. I wholeheartedly agree with you that Commissioner Selig needs to step up and make it right.

  3. bob says:

    your a bad ass! great perspective

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