Tiger and HGH

December 16, 2009

I wasn’t going to weigh in on at all on the Tiger scandal because People magazine does a much better job at infidelity than I can. Until now.

Now we’re getting into the performance enhancing drug arena and that perks up my ears a bit.

If you recall, way back on Sept. 17 of 2008, I wrote a blog about performance enhancing drugs. Here’s an excerpt….

Tremendous guns Tiger.

Tremendous guns Tiger.

So where does that leave us? Well, let me just start out and pop everybody’s bubble by saying that in my opinion, the day of the pure athlete is LONG gone. There is just so much more money in the taking side of drugs than in the catching side. The drugs will always be about 5 -10 years ahead of the tests to detect them. Like I said, nobody really cares, they want what they want and they want it fast and big and right now. In some lab in the hills of San Francisco they have probably have a rat bench pressing 200 pounds for crying out loud. And its in every sport, not just baseball. Even the pro surfers are doing it! I can’t wait till they catch a golfer.

So where is the problem you might ask. After all, the fans are happy, the owners are raking in the glue, and the players are indestructible in their own minds. Well, I’ve got a couple problems with the deal. The first problem is I’m a dad and my son likes baseball. Now he’s only 9 and I’m not saying he’s gonna be a grande leaguer or anything, but I would love to see him compete on a level playing field where excellence depends on skill and hard work rather than how good a chemist you are. Call me crazy, but I’m not thrilled about his hat size changing from a 7 1/8 to a 8 1/2 in an off season. A red flag goes up in my brain right there, it just doesn’t seem healthy for some reason. I really don’t want him to get to the crossroads where he has got to chose between hitting the industry standard 40 homers or going home.

The second problem I see is all those great players who have come before us. What happens to them? How do you compare the game of today with the game back then? After all, this is as Ken Burns says “a haunted game in which every player is measured against the ghosts of all those who have gone before.” Tell me, how are you going to measure Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron? Sorry folks, can’t do it.

So that’s that. Sorry, but I’m going to gloat for a second and say I told you so. I’ve been saying Tiger was on the juice ever since he went from looking like me to looking like Barry Bonds (which was about 8 years ago.) Mark my words, here’s what’s going to happen next. Someone will be able to come close to proving that Tiger was using PEDs and Tiger will comeback with the standard “I only used it to rehab my knee” response.

Now I can’t be 100% sure he’s using, and I honestly hope he’s not; however, having lived with and around it for about 15 years, I do have a pretty solid intuition for these things. And my intuition says absolutely yep. Some of you will say I have a keen sense for the obvious. Others will say I’m flat out wrong and shouldn’t point fingers without proof. Maybe so.

But I’ll tell you what’s even crazier. Tiger Wood’s life. How does a guy with such a squeaky clean persona have 50 mistresses? If he cheated on his wife, it’s not too big a jump to say he’s capable of cheating on the course, right?  And with access to the greatest doctors in the world, why would Tiger risk his reputation by associating with this HGH clown to “rehab” –  if he wasn’t using? I’ll tell you why, he’s got performance-enhancing-drugistis. And one of the side effects of PEDitis is you think you’re above it all. Indestructible. A Superman. Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds….doesn’t this story sound familiar?

Like I said, I wasn’t even going to comment on this mess. Infidelity is one thing. That would definitely have passed over (does anyone even remember Kobe’s escapade?) Cheating on the course is an entirely different animal. Especially if you have the misfortune of being the first high profile guy to ever get caught in your sport. Unfortunately, I think Tiger is going to be that guy.

And if he’s that guy, what a bummer. Here we all are thinking we’re privileged to be witnessing the greatest golfer that ever lived. Come to find out, all we’re witnessing is a fake. A great player, but like Barry or Mark or Sammy or A-Rod, not quite human. More like half human, half robot. We’d love to compare Nicklaus to Woods, but it’s impossible now. You simply can’t compare a human to a robogolfer.

If this does turn out to be true, sorry Tiger. I love you as a person and God knows we all make mistakes, but as an athlete, I’ve got to throw you on the (ever growing) pile with all the others. Just another guy who caved in and cheated. What a bummer.

9 Responses to “Tiger and HGH”

  1. Matt Shafer says:

    I hope you are wrong!

  2. Brent Mayne says:

    me too.

  3. ML Gilbert says:

    and today TiHgHer was named athlete of the decade…the irony is almost biblical

  4. Royce the Cherokee says:

    Afew years back there was a MLBer who had all the right answers and seemed to do all the right things and my buddy said watch out for that guy,he’s always got the right answer, there must be something going on we don’t know about…he was talking about A-roid. So can we start talking again about who’s the greatest golfer; Palmer or Nicklaus or do we now start to hear the same thing in golf as in baseball, ” I don’t care what you take, you still gotta be able to put the bat (club) on the ball…

  5. Royce the Cherokee says:

    p.s. if a guy will cheat on his wife he’ll cheat on the golf course, if a guy will lie to his wife you don’t think he’ll lie to you and Mike Wallace and Morley Safer or the public, you better snap into a Slim Jim

  6. Brent Mayne says:

    How bout that young catching phenom Bryce Harper in Las Vegas… everybody said would be a first rounder last year AS A 9TH GRADER!!! He’s a Boras guy and skipped his last few years of high school to enter junior college and be draft eligible sooner. Anyway, word on the street is he’s an HGH baby and is weening off the junk…and he’s not exactly a first rounder any more…ooops.

  7. Patty Mayne says:

    I sincerely hope that these “super humans” do not become our childrens’ roll models. Our generation needs to say this is just not right, then do something to make it better. The saying, “money is the root of all evil” applies here. How many billions are enough? How many women are enough? Tiger knew what he was doing and the consequences for his actions. We can feel sorry for him, but then we can also say we are over him. We can send our message that the moral character of a hero is what makes him great. I hope my grandchildren will choose to take their God given talents and work hard to develop them instead of taking the fast track drug route. I am proud of my son who made his decision to work hard on his talent and who had a satisfying career in a sport he loves and respects. What can we do to voice our opinion? We can not spend our money on Tiger sponsored items, or items sponsored by any other athlete whose character we do not want our children to emulate. We can all send our message and it will be heard.

  8. I was wondering if you think Bryce Harper will go to the Washington Nationals as the 2010’s first pick? Lori via Bryce Harper

  9. Brent Mayne says:

    Who knows…he will be someone’s first round pick though.

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