Today’s Tip: “How to Wear a Baseball Uniform”

April 3, 2010
There's really nothing you could've done with this fashion train wreck uniform from the 1976 White Sox.

There's not a lot you could've done with this fashion train wreck uniform from the 1976 White Sox.

Here’s another catching tip…

This title may be misleading….I’m not going to tell you how to wear your uni. However, I am going to tell you, as goofy as this may sound, it matters how you present yourself on the baseball field.

Let’s start at the beginning. If you’re taking the time to read this, I’m assuming you have aspirations of advancing levels. Maybe it’s from Little League to Pony, high school to college, or from the minors to the Big Leagues. If this is true, you have to accept that every time you step between the white lines you’re being evaluated by people that may be giving you your next playing opportunity.

Some of these coaches, scouts, etc will only get to see you play one or two times. And during these couple brief encounters, they’re going to make a judgement on not only your playing ability, but also what type of person you are (your intangibles.)

Now we both know this is impossible. It’s impossible for them accurately assess what type of person you are by watching you play in one game, right? Yes, you’re right, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter. They’re gonna make that decision. Period.

And the way they’re going to grade your intangibles is by how hard you run out ground balls, how you handle adversity (are you a helmet thrower?), how well you communicate, your general vibe, and yep…how you wear your uniform.

Like I said, I’m not here to tell you how to wear your uniform, and I’m certainly no Ralph Lauren. But just pay attention. If you have absolutely no clue, ask your girlfriend or your mom. Look, there’s a million different ways to wear a uniform “the right way.” But use some common sense. If you’re a bit on the chubby side, you may want to stay away from the skin tight-high sock-low waisted look. If you’re long of body – short of leg, do something that’ll make your legs look longer. If you really are a gangster, maybe it’s not such a good idea to present that persona on the field. Simple stuff like that.

The fact is, your appearance is probably the first thing scouts are going to notice. Recognize this and make sure your look accurately represents the player you are, or want to be.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” ~ Oscar Wilde

Till next time, have fun, play hard, and keep your eye on the ball….

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  2. Jason Thomas says:

    Stirrups, stirrups, stirrups, is what I say. When did the pajama pants thing start? It’s ridiculous. The high socks are OK, better than the pants over the shoes, but actual stirrups are part of the baseball uniform I grew up with and it bums me out a little bit that so many guys play without ‘em. Hats off to the old-schoolers that still rock those things. Ubaldo, Juan Pierre, and super bonus points if they include horizontal stripes like Brad Penny’s and Brendan Ryan’s do.

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