Today’s Tip: “Keeping a Blocked Ball Close”

November 27, 2010

Proper blocking technique helps a catcher keep wild pitches close to his body.

Here’s another catching tip….

Blocking the ball effectively means keeping a bounced pitch in front of your body and making sure the resulting ricochet stays close enough to stop base runners from advancing.

Let’s focus on the second part of the equation – keeping the ricochet close to your body. To consistently accomplish this, a few things must happen. First, the receiver’s body must be square to the incoming bounce. Secondly, the catcher must stop moving by the time he and the ball collide.

The resulting impact when two moving objects (ball and catcher) bounce off each other is explosive. Conversely, if the catcher is quick enough to be waiting for a wild pitch, the ricochet will be muted.

Now for the cherry on top. To take your blocking to the next level, EXHALE when you and the ball meet. This will soften your body and further deaden the impact. Is a ball going to bounce farther off a wall or a pillow?

Till next week, good luck, have fun, and keep your eye on the ball.

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  1. Brent,

    We would like to add your weblink to our Kansas City Baseball Historical Society website. Would you look over our website, and let me know if this is okay?

    Thanks for some great memories during your playing days here in KC. Please let me know if you ever have travel plans to KC, as we would be honored to have you as an alumni player guest at one of our KCBHS meetings. We have various players who played for the A’s, Royals or Monarchs at each meeting. You can see some past meetings and photos on our website.

    If you want to respond with any kind of message to the KC fans on our website, I will also put that on the opening page for the month and use it to encourage folks to look over your website.

    David Starbuck
    KC Baseball Historical Society

  2. Brent Mayne says:

    Sure, that would be great. Your site looks nice and I’d be honored. I enjoyed my time in KC very much. I can honestly say the community and fans were the most pleasant of any place I played…and I played in a lot of towns. I sincerely hope the Royals can turn their franchise around and experience some success again because the fans of Kansas City are outstanding and deserve something to cheer for.

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