Today’s Tip: “Seeing the Signals”

December 13, 2010

Paint Wite-Out on your fingers to help pitchers see signals.

Here’s another catching tip….

There’s nothing worse than a pitcher who can’t see the catcher’s signs. A pleasant 2.5 hour game can easily turn into an ugly 3 hour marathon when the battery can’t get their communications straight.

Getting crossed up sucks, and trying to catch when you’re unsure whether the pitcher is actually going to throw the fastball you signaled for or some other pitch is no fun either.

The fact is, pitchers don’t see very well (or else they’d be hitters, right?) I’m kidding…kind of. In all seriousness, sometimes shadows created by a catcher’s knees makes it very difficult to see.

One solution would be to open up the sign stance or give the signals higher or lower. However, doing so might give the opposition a chance to peek in and introduces a whole new set of problems.

I’ve found the best idea is to keep a bottle of Wite-Out handy. Paint the back of your signal hand fingers making them easier to see. This works better than tape because it won’t interfere with your throwing feel. In a pinch, if you don’t have the Wite-Out, moisten the back of your hand and drag it along the white chalk of the base line to illuminate the fingers.

Till next week, good luck, have fun, and keep your eye on the ball.

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  1. John Hunter says:

    By brushing white out on your whole finger… it can cause the white out to pull on the skin on the back of your fingers. An additional tip is to only paint the nails. It may look funny… but it has less of a tendancy to flake off or tug on the skin.

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