Umm, sorry?

February 10, 2010

Oops, I really screwed up my “JT Snow-gave-the-pitch-away story.” Turns out I really am The Jerk. Please forgive me. In my defense, I was hanging out with George Brett a lot those early years, so my memory is all pops and crackles. It’s tough to remember on two hours of sleep a night.

The fact is, I should do some research and double check my stories before I post. Nah, I’ll just tell it how I remember it and let you call me on it if I get it wrong. Deal? It’ll be funner that way. You can get the hard facts anywhere…but you can only get the tall tales here!

So now that my story has been statistically debunked, where does that leave us? Rest assured, I didn’t lie to you on purpose. I really did remember it going down like that. Obviously, I got the circumstances and the outcome wrong. But I pinky promise you I got the event (giving the pitch away) right. This is classic…me defending my claim that I did something wrong. Kind of like, “honest judge, I really did rob the bank.”

I know for sure that he was playing for the Yanks. I know for sure it was towards the end of the season. I know for sure it was JT! So I’m thinking one of two things. One, could it have been in New York instead of KC? Or two, I told him the pitch and he lined out instead of doubled. I may have twisted a line out into a double in my memory (it does make it a little better story.) What I really need to do is contact JT and find out if he remembers anything.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

So on the flip side of the coin, I can see a bunch of positive upshots of all this. One, I can rest assured that I’m not responsible for JT’s first hit. Two, maybe I can be reinstated into the Hall of Fame. And three, I love all of the reader response…I honestly didn’t know if anybody was reading this thing.

So until next time….sorry. I’ll keep posting, you keep correcting. I gotta run, TMZ is outside my front door.

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  1. Eli says:

    The good news is that all us Yankees fans from the early 90s is that we have another reason to look at the box score on baseball-reference and remember Mel Hall, Roberto Kelly, Matt Nokes and Mike Gallego. And we get to revel in Greg Cadaret’s “save”.

  2. Perry says:

    Hey Brent, fun story anyway. I still have the box score from your pitching appearance vs. the Braves stuck on my fridge, the weirdest, most entertaining game I’ve ever seen. Enjoyed seeing it replayed on Fox Rocky Mountain a few days ago, too, and your little interview at the end. Good to see you’re doing well.


  3. Abuwon Skywalker says:

    Ummm, Brett, you just said”(it does make it a little better story.)” So, your excuse is kinda bogus. And no, you would not be responsible for the guy’s career if you told him one pitch. His effort and hard work (6 Gold Gloves) in a career with mostly ANOTHEr club (San Francisco) did. How could you mistake a lineout for a double?? And wouldn’t the umpire hear you if Snow did? But hey, at least your 38 home runs and lying will get you into the Wall of Shame, right? It was a good story, but please, don’t defame this man’s name for your benefit.

  4. USIU Gull says:

    Now that is how to research a story! But you did not address the 3 homeruns in a game agains US International. I know it happened, it was in San Diego and you hit the third one up into the trees behind left field and you hit it off of a catcher who also pitched. Really….I remember it like it was yesterday………we also played you at your place the day before Hank Gathers collapsed.

  5. Naomi says:

    I love your stories. Do you recall a night game at Candlestick in ‘98 or ‘99 when JT Snow pulled a hidden ball trick on the Dodgers?

  6. wieland says:

    no one suspects the deadspin inquisition!

  7. Adam says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I really enjoy your blog.

  8. Roy Williams is Street Trash says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t a Hank Snow concert and you told the drunk guy hitting on your date to “Take it, outside”?

  9. Mitchell says:

    So JT’s first major league game was indeed against the Royals in KC. But he started the game and went 0 for 5. You were the catcher, Rick Reed was the SP. In JT’s first AB, he flew out to left on a 2-1 pitch.

    Weirdly, however, his first major league HIT came a week later in NY against the Blue Jays. In that game, he was a defensive sub for Mattingly in the 7th. His turn in the order came up leading off the bottom of the 9th. Henke on the mound, Borders behind the plate, Jays leading 12-0. Snow hit a line drive double to right on a 2-2 count. Gerald Williams followed with a HR.

    So the question is: did you tip Snow off (and he failed to deliver), or did Borders tip Snow off (and you are ‘misremembering’ a story that Borders told you in 1995? If so, no shame in that.

  10. Jeff says:

    You should thank Deadspin for pushing traffic to your site.

  11. Brent Mayne says:

    Here’s how bad my memory is…I don’t remember hitting 3 jacks in a game. I think I DO remember that last homerun though. If I’m not mistaken, and I might be, that homerun was the hardest ball I ever hit. If that’s the homerun I’m thinking of, it actually dented my aluminum bat. Someone got the ball and one of the sides was slightly flattened. Honest, I think….

  12. Brent Mayne says:

    Thank you Deadspin.

  13. DugoutNut says:

    I have just been directed to a gem of a blog/website. Thank you,Brent. And thank you Craig for pointing me here. I think Brent owes Craig a beer.

  14. embraceyourinnerhillbilly says:

    “funner” Didn’t you attend college?

  15. [...] Mayne partially recants his story about tipping pitches to J.T. Snow, and I, for one, accept his explanation: “I was hanging out with George Brett a lot those early years, so my memory is all pops and crackles.” [] [...]

  16. JW says:

    Ugh – Deadspin… that site is so full of bitterness and negativity it’s impossible to read.

    You should thank Rob Neyer and his ESPN blog. That’s where I heard about the story.

  17. Christian says:

    I like your original version better than the debunked version. LOL!
    I tell you what….I clicked the link and checked out those lineups.
    We had some good talent on that 89 team. What is it about KC?
    We can get really good ball players, but they dont mesh with a team
    until they leave?

    I enjoyed the story tho… You are one of my all time favs here in KC.
    You were always easy to talk to..Randa gets #1 spot, then Sabes..then Mayne.


  18. Brent Mayne says:

    Yep, I went to college, but I kinda majored in baseball. It was funner.

  19. USIU Gull says:

    I know one of the sapplings had a mark on it, and after that ball landed the next day at practice we put a sign up on the tree “500 ft” and dated it for you. If nothing else, USIU was a fun team to play, right? lol

  20. Jeff says:

    Isn’t this the story of how Rogers Hornsby got his first major league hit off of Grover Cleveland Alexander?

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