Utah Baseball Academy

January 27, 2009

I just got back from a weekend up north at the Utah Baseball Academy. My father has been helping out there for years and has always spoke highly of the place. This year I tagged along. It was my first clinic/academy experience and I’ve got to say, it was a lot of fun. There was about 15 catchers and they all had decent talent. They were all super Utah polite and looked me in the eye when they spoke or were spoken to. On the downside, it was freezing, snowing, and I was/am super sick with the California Crud (that weird cold/flu hybrid thing). But, the facility was amazing. A huge turfed field house with nets that mechanically drop down from the ceiling to form well over 15 cages. They pull up to reveal open space big enough for a great ground ball infield or bullpens or whatever. It was easily big enough to play a pony league game and you could definitely take live BP in there. Upstairs were classrooms and a few more cages. They also had an amazing weight room (that actually was consistently used by the kids), a bio-mechanics lab, a small equipment store, and a sport rehab business. With this indoor facility, they basically have given Utah kids the same year around baseball opportunity as the kids in the sunny states. Judging by the business this place was doing, I would assume that these type of facilities are all over the United States. I suppose we’ll probably be seeing more grande leaguers out of cold climates like the Dakotas and Wisconsin right? The playing field seems a little more level with these indoor field houses. Maybe the next wave of great players won’t be the sun tanned California kids, but Oregonians or Mormans or cheese heads from Wisconsin. 

I wouldn’t mind doing some more of these gigs…maybe one every other month or something. It would be great if I could do some of these deals in places that I’d like to go. Does anybody know anybody in San Fran or New York? Fly me in, put me up, pay me some bones, and I’ll teach your coaches and players how to do it. Just make sure to make the return flight a couple days after I’m done with the clinic so I can get out and see the city a little bit. Deal?

3 Responses to “Utah Baseball Academy”

  1. Joel Then says:

    Yes, please come to New York!

  2. Royce the Cherokee says:

    …Yes, and Ennis, Montana!

  3. Brent Mayne says:

    Joel, hook it up…and as far as Ennis goes, I’m already there. Thats a standard tour stop.

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