Women’s Softball

January 24, 2010

So I’m just finishing up this baseball conference at the Mohegan Sun Casino in the middle of I-don’t-know- where -Connecticut. It went well. I did three one hour presentations before lunch yesterday. That’s more talking than I’ve done since…ever.

Afterwards I had a little booth where I sold The Art of Catching book and talked to the folks. Then I woke up this morning and manned the booth as the convention made the switch from baseball to softball. This is interesting because I’ve become fascinated with women’s fast pitch softball as of late.

The reason I’m interested in the women’s softball game is because it’s so fast. I believe it was my father who turned me on to this fact. Because their game is so compressed and quick, the mechanics of the catchers (and other players) must be extremely efficient and simple to work.┬áThese women just don’t have time to have excess movements, timing mechanisms, etc.

I’ve said it many times before…I believe the biggest obstacle to advancing levels in baseball is the ever increasing speed a player will encounter. At the highest levels, the quickness of the game is blinding. Regardless of one’s athleticism, it’s my belief that if your movements aren’t simple, efficient, and repeatable, you’ll eventually find yourself sitting on the bench.

Lately I’ve been thinking that if I can help make the baseball catcher as efficient as the hard pitch softball catcher, I’ll be on to something good.

So anyway, as I’m sitting at my booth I can hear this lady conducting a workshop on softball catchers….and she’s making sense! I immediately threw up the “be back in 5 minutes” sign on my booth and made my way over to the cage area where she was speaking. To make a long story short, this lady named Lisa McGloin, who is a high school coach somewhere in Connecticut, gave the best catching clinic that I’ve heard in a long time. Maybe the best I’ve ever heard. A high school women’s softball coach! Fantastic. A great lesson to keep my ears open…I guess you never know how this game might teach you.

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  1. Coach HS says:

    I also put on Women’s softball clinics and private lessons for catchers and I love this blog. You hit the difference between baseball and softball right on the button. Emphasis on quickness, speed and efficiency all while being “under control” is the difference between a good catcher and a GREAT catcher whether you play baseball or Women’s softball. Thanks and love your site!

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